at the heart of the development of a project

Alejandra, EU Aid volunteer (EUAV), communication officer in Ecuador, is often sharing different activities organised by the EUAV within the framework of the « seismic and volcanic risk reduction » project. Among these activities, EUAV have often to meet different local actors who are already working on these seismic and volcanic issues.

The last 21th of March, the EU Aid Volunteers have organised an event gathering several local actors including the International Centre of Higher Studies in Communication for Latin America (CIESPAL) to make the project known, as well as staff members, objectives, and activities to conduct in Ecuador in the seismic and volcanic risk reduction field.

Discuss existing problems in the field and find solutions

The Risk Management Secretariat (SGR), the Junta Pichincha Red Cross (JPRC), the United Nations Program for Development (UNDP), the Development and Research Institute (DRI), the Geophysics Institute (GI), the European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (ECHO) and other institutions have participated in this event organised by Ecuasol, (the EU Aid Volunteers hosting organisation).

The aim of this event was to allow the organisations to present themselves, their function and their mandate, and above all to make them participate in several workshops. They allowed the different organisations to exchange about the existing issues of this field, and above all to think about solutions, sharing their knowledge. One of the main objectives was to create a roadmap that could be used as a foundation for the development of the volunteers’ project, as well as to enhance coordination between these different actors and the EU Aid Volunteers. It was a productive day of sharing and collaboration !