Ariane : EU Aid Volunteer

Ariane, 23 years old, French
Organised, traveller and curious
Studies : Business School (International Logistics)

Ariane is part of the first wave of EU Aid Volunteers being deployed in Quito, Ecuador. This initiative provides an opportunity for European citizens to be deployed in different host organizations, and to support their work on resilience and disaster risk reduction. She tells us her first months.

“My name is Ariane, I’m 23 years old and for now a bit more than two months, I have been part of the EU Aid Volunteers team deployed to Quito, Ecuador. Within the team, I am the junior volunteer in charge of logistics and finance. More concretely, I am in charge of managing the project budget, and I handle the logistic part when organizing events linked to our mission.

After the end of my Master degree in international logistics in a business school, I immediately applied for this project and was lucky enough to be selected. We work on a seismic and volcanic risks prevention project, as Ecuador is very prone to these types of natural threats.

Preparing for natural disasters and inter-institutional cooperation

We intend to work with the local actors of this field, in order to support them in their approach. We will also work with schools and communities in order to organize training sessions. I am very interested in the prevention of seismic and volcanic risks and more generally in the prevention of natural disasters and I wanted to learn more about it. I am also interested in inter-institutional cooperation.

So far I don’t know Ecuador very well, but I’ve had time to visit a few places and go hiking. Ecuador seems to be a wonderful country and I can’t wait to discover all of it. I keep adapting to the local culture, discovering new flavors and taking the opportunity of my stay to improve my Spanish. It is the first time I am in Latin America and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to participate in this project. I still have a lot of things to discover here and we will do our maximum to make our project a success.”