Pauline, 22 year old, French
Polyglot and passionate about cooking
Studies : French and German Law

Pauline is one of the volunteers deployed since December 2016 in the framework of the EU Aid Volunteers initiative. This initiative provides opportunities for EU citizens to be deployed to hosting organisations and support their work on population resilience and disaster risk reduction. Pauline is in Ecuador since February 2017. She tells us about her first steps in this country, and her experience as an EU Aid Volunteer.

“Last August I decided to apply for a position as a Junior EU Aid Volunteer in awareness raising in seismic and volcanic risks in Ecuador. I went through the whole application process, had multiple interviews, and finally, end September, I was told I had been short listed to participate to the EUAV pre-deployment training. Going to the training didn’t mean I would be deployed though.

The training took place in Pisa, I was in a group of 25 trainees applying for positions all over the world (Jordan, Haiti, Ecuador, Cambodia,…) We went through a week of intense classes going from International Humanitarian Law, to advanced first aid training, Intercultural awareness, or safety procedures. After this week of classes we finished the training by a three-day long scenario based exercised during which we were tested on our ability to put into practice all we had learned.

3 months in La Guilde in Paris

A couple of days after the training I received the great news that I had been selected and that I would be deployed for a year in Ecuador starting at the beginning of February. I was offered the opportunity to do an apprenticeship at the European Guild. During the 3 months in La Guilde in Paris I prepared for the mission. I read and learned all I could about earthquakes and volcanoes, tried to find new sponsors for “La Fondación Ecuasol”, my host organization, and helped with logistics of the deployment (visas, plane tickets,…) for The European Guild’s EU Aid Volunteers.

I arrived in Ecuador on February 6th and so far it’s been great. The project is starting and there is lot to do but it will be fine. We are a great team and we will do our best for this project.”