Ronan : EU Aid Volunteer

Ronan, 31 years old, French
Optimistic man
Studies : finance and accounting

Ronan is one the first EU Aid Volunteers deployed since early 2017. He has been sent to Haiti in February 2017 as a senior volunteer in finance and accounting. Before being deployed, Ronan was living in Santiago, Chile. He is a great example of the multicultural aspect of the EU Aid Volunteers initiative: a French man living in Chile, who is sent to Haiti in the framework of a European program. 4 months after his arrival, Ronan explains us his role in his organisation Mouvement Paysan Papaye.

 “At Mouvement Paysan Papaye (Mouvman Peyizan Papaye MPP), I am giving a support for financial and organisational issues. I am helping the NGO to standardise its financial processes and settle a monitoring system, so that they can get more efficient and autonomous.

Help the organization identify its needs and define its objectives

 MPP is currently setting new activities to market agro-industrial products such as honey and marmalade, in order to support the farmers of the area. My aim is to make them identify their needs, help them define short- and long-term objectives and support them in creating a genuine team able to raise this challenge.

I organise training sessions, individual consulting, and also business games, taking into account their own experience, so as to give them a deeper knowledge about how to settle their activities in the Haitian market. There are several issues and hurdles to cope with, but we are confident we will turn this experience into a success.”