Alejandra, 27 years old, Spanish
Polyglot, love travel, adventure and extreme sports
Studies : A bachelor in advertising and public relations and in Journalism and a master in cooperation and humanitarian aid

Alejandra is part of the first wave of EU Aid Volunteers. Its mission: to give visibility to the project, by producing audiovisual, written and fundraising media.

“My name is Alejandra Boada, I’m 27 years old and I’m Spanish. I have been living in Ecuador for almost two years and I love this country. In 2015, I decided to quit my job and leave Spain. I chose Ecuador and I chose it very well. I have a degree in Advertising, Public Relations and Journalism, that’s why I decided to become a volunteer in the area of communication at the Red Cross Junta Pichincha. Here they call it communicator. Then, through word of mouth, I found a civic service placement at Fundación Ecuasol.

I had already volunteered in India and Spain and the social and humanitarian sector has always attracted my attention. As I had few bases in this area, I decided in October 2016 to apply for a Master degree in Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid. In the meantime, I was applying for a vacancy as an EU Aid Volunteer in communication, in order to return to Quito. When I was accepted for this new contract, I was happy to return to Ecuador. I am a junior volunteer in charge of the communication department. In general terms, I am in charge of giving visibility to the project with the realization of audio-visual materials, writing, management of social networks, search for funds, etc.

A project focused on the management and prevention of natural risks

I am part of the first wave of EU Aid volunteers and our project is focused on management and prevention of natural hazards, Ecuador being a multi-risk country. The most important thing is working with schools, communities and the authorities to create or support ways and forms of prevention to reduce damages caused by natural disasters. It is a very interesting subject, on which I am still learning. I hope our project is going to be successful and that we can help with our contributions.

As for Ecuador, it is a small country but with much to visit, like the coast, Sierra and Oriente. It is a green and beautiful country, although little known, and has much to offer. After two years here, I still have a lot to discover and I look forward to continuing traveling and discovering this beauty.”