Meeting with local actors

Since December 2016, an EU Aid Volunteers team has been deployed to Ecuador to develop a seismic and volcanic risk reduction project. These last two months have been very busy for the volunteers who have participated to several events and meetings with local actors working on the risk reduction in the country.

 On the 20th and 21th of April, the EU Aid Volunteers team has attended the « Seminario de Reflexion y Encuentro sobre Vivienda Emergente » (Reflexion seminar and Meeting on a new kind of housings) at the Polytechnic School of Quito. Several interventions and debates have been led on the emergency response capacity of institutions and organisations of the Ecuadorian civil society, about the housing issues noticed since the earthquake of the 16th of April 2016, and the need to develop new building regulations. About this topic, this is the CAEMBA project (bamboo emergency shelters) of the Raiz Foundation that appears as one of the most convincing, reachable and safe solution, in short and medium terms.

Disseminate scientific knowledge on disaster risk reduction

The EU Aid Volunteers took the opportunity of this event to meet some representatives from communities affected by the earthquake, with the aim to discuss potential activities for the future. One month later, the European Union volunteers went to the « Ciencia Alerta » event organised by the CIESPAL. Once again, the main topic of this event was natural disasters and it allowed spreading scientific knowledge about risk reduction. It was an essential and very instructive event in the framework of the current project. These discussions also allowed talking about the need to learn how to live with these natural threats while decreasing their impact.

After these both events, volunteers went to the Ecuasol Foundation, their hosting organisation, to work on an evacuation plan for the establishment. They organised meetings with teachers and other volunteers of the foundation to collect data about procedures that are currently used in an emergency case, with the aim to identify what could be improved. At the same time, Pauline, in charge of education and awareness in the EU Aid Volunteers team, visited the Nueva Vida Foundation to plan an awareness activity on risk reduction with children. The aim of this visit was to meet the team and the children and to discover their way of working. Both children and professors were really enthusiastic to spend their afternoon participating in this playful and preventive activity. This kind of activity has also been planed at Ecuasol, especially during the Children Day (1st of June) and is a real success with children. It allow them to highlight their knowledge about this topic.