Manuel, 28 years old, Italian

Manuel was sent to Haiti within the organization, Mouvement Paysan Papaye.

“My name is Manuel, I’m 28 years old and I work as a Resilience Building Volunteer in Haiti.

I enrolled in the EU Aid Volunteers initiative because it is a very enriching programme, which provides me with the opportunity to deepen my knowledge on the Humanitarian Field and corresponds to my interests. Spending 6 months on the field helps me better understand the functioning of development aid, as I can really see the practical improvements in everyday activities.

Understand how development projects work

Living in a small Haitian village is very different than living in the EU: there are frequent blackouts, no supermarkets, and travel conditions may be hard sometimes, but it really gives you a lot. Moreover, the Haitian population is extremely friendly and outgoing, always doing its best to help. I would really recommend taking a trip to this country, as it has some of the best landscapes I have ever seen. Haiti is full of golden Caribbean beaches and lush mountains, characterized by unique ecosystems and biodiversity. It has a unique and fascinating culture, and I definitely fell in love with its charming art, dances and culture.

My Haitian adventure will be over soon, but I will keep contacts and who knows, maybe I will be back one day.”