Training week for 12 new EU Aid Volunteers in Ecuador

Ariane has been deployed in Ecuador in the framework of the EU Aid Volunteers initiative since February 2017, on a 12-month placement. In charge of logistics and finance, she prepared the arrival of 12 new EU Aid Volunteers, who arrived in August.

Last month, we received twelve new volunteers in the EU Aid Volunteers project of Ecuasol, on seismic and volcanic risks. While our first wave of volunteers is based in Quito, those new recruits are sent in pairs to various cities of Ecuador, between the coast and the mountains. They stayed in Quito for a week before traveling to their deployment city, where they will stay for the next 18 months.

A week of preparation and meetings to understand the project

In charge of logistics and finance, it was my role to prepare their arrival, with the help of the other volunteers in Quito. I therefore prepared a one-week program to help them get the clearest vision possible of the project. During this greeting week, the volunteers have met with the organization France Volontaires and received a training in the VASE foundation. They were also trained at Plan International since they are going to work with this NGO focused on children; moreover, they met Jean-Luc Le Pennec, representing the IRD in Ecuador (Institut de Recherche et Développement). Finally, they could meet the staff from Ecuasol and were able to visit the premises of the foundation. This week has been a busy but very important one for all of them in order to start their mission the best way possible.