Lorenzo, 23 years old, Italian
From Monte-Carlo to Portoviejo

EU Aid Volunteers as an opportunity to break up the day while helping people in need.

I’m 23 years old and this is the first international humanitarian experience for me! The history that has brought me in Ecuador has been quite long. Indeed, upon completion of my MBA in Florence I started working as junior project manager in a start-up in the Principality of Monaco, until I joined EuAid Volunteers training in Netherlands.

Ever since I was a teen I’ve always had a strong spirit of adventure, keen on learning new cultures and mapping them. As professional goal I’d want to work in the area of education, which I consider the great challenge of the current century.

Furthermore, Latin America is a really fascinating continent and when such a good opportunity to implement a project there came along, I had to go for it.

In my opinion life in Ecuador is a way lighter that the one we are used to in Europe. Even though I experienced some tough challenges at both professionally and personally, I believe to have succeeded in understanding local people points of view and to manage to establish good and lasting relationships with them.

In the coming year we are going to work in different communities and on the basis of mutual cooperation I do hope to reach a meaningful change in the way local people cope with natural hazards.