Rafa, 39 years old, Spanish
Lost and Found in translation.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you about it, you are a man in progress.”

Once upon a time there was a man who decided to leave everything and start over. He did not quite know where to start, so he tried doing volunteer courses in his home country. Then he wanted to put into practice what he had learned, therefore he decided to embark on a new adventure. He began to look for a place in the world where he can lose himself and, over all, collaborate doing something useful.

That place was India. There, he could meet friendly, smiling, close-up people, full of color and dancing; but what really moved him, in a way that he had never felt before, were the faces and the looks of a group of boys who opened their house and their heart to him. They were the reason for his journey and with them he found the happiness he had forgotten long ago. His job was to assist those children after class, to dance with them, to play, to teach them geography, ecology, everything else that the children asked for.

They lived in a small orphanage in the heart of the pink city, in Jaipur. A place full of stories, surrounded by narrow streets, trash and noise, but also by laughs, music and animals. For him that experience became the main reason for his next step, his arrival at Quito.

In his country he worked as a biologist, teacher, actor, clerk, journalist, but it was his life lessons with those boys that he realized that there was something more out there

While he was assimilating his last experience in India, he received a notification of Alianza por la Solidaridad inviting him to participate in a volunteer event. He opened its web page and discovered many options to cooperate in other countries. The man didn’t hesitate and applied for a couple of positions in South America. He had never been there, hence he tried his luck with Ecuador and Colombia.

After several interviews and trainings, he finally landed at Quito. When he went out of the airport, he discovered a beautiful landscape surrounded him, composed of endless mountains, majestic volcanos and a brilliant blue sky that he almost was able to touch.

The affair between that city and this man had begun

It is too early to recognize whether this love story will last or will be just a summer love, but what is indeed known it is that the soul of this man is being enlivened, excited and filled with joy.