Simon, 23 years old, French
Get to know Simon Quesseveur
From France to Portoviejo.

My name is Simon, I am from the city of Rouen, in Normandy but I studied Political Sciences in Toulouse.

I remember being in middle school when Hurricane Katrina happened. I investigate a lot for English class’ projects about the aftermath and the poor disaster response proposed to the affected communities and that was my first step engaging in the disaster risk reduction area.

After a year abroad in the United States working with refugees and studying at the University of the West-Indies, I decided to invest myself in international development projects oriented towards the Caribbean and Latin America. I finished my master in Risk-Management with an internship at the UNISDR in Panama working with Caribbean governments towards resilience.

After viewing a brief video of the EU Aid Volunteer, I was seduced by this volunteering programme and decided to apply to Seismic and Volcanic Risks position in Ecuador. I think Disaster Risk cannot be divided from Development and Poverty Reduction and the only way for disaster-prone countries to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals is to work towards resilience. Ecuador is part of those countries and through the EU Aid Volunteer project, I wanted to be part of this objective.

          Manabi continue to be a vulnerable zone inside Ecuador

Having lived in Manabí for almost 6 months, I realize that although the media and the attention have dropped, the reality and the vulnerability of the province remain high, not only on Seismic Risk but also on floods, landslides and tsunami hazards and that preparation, management and response can all be improved to avoid another disaster such as the 16 April 2016’s earthquake.