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Éric Brossier is the instigator and person in charge of the Vagabond’s expeditions. After graduating from Grenoble University, he went on a scientific project to winter in Kerguelen in 1994, where he got the idea of a sailing ship specially designed for scientific missions. In 1999 he gave up his job as a geophysicist and bought the Vagabond, a very special vessel, which he transformed into an Arctic base camp – and his home. As a diver, he loves to inspect the Vagabond’s hull and admire the light reflecting off the ice. Also a photographer and film maker, Eric never misses an opportunity to capture magic moments for ever.

Eric Brossier, France Pinczon du Sel, and their daughters Léonie and Aurore, form the permanent crew of the Vagabond. For the past 17 years the ship has helped scientists, athletes and even artists carry out their projects in the most inaccessible reaches of the Arctic.

Éric Brossier and France Pinczon du Sel have been traveling togethersince 1999. They made the first full circumnavigation of the Arctic fortwo consecutive summers (2002-2003), the first through the NortheastPassage, when the Vagabond sailed from Brittany in France to Japan viathe north of the Euro-Asian continent, and then the Northwest Passagefrom Japan to Brittany, rounding the High Arctic Canadian coast.

A new adventure wiht his entire family

In 2004, they settled in Spitzberg for an Arctic oceanography program and stayed there for five years studying ice floes and the Polar climate (the Damocles program) with their daughter Léonie, who was practicallyborn on an ice floe. Éric and France described their tour of the Arctic and their wintering spells in Spitzberg in their book “Circumpolaris”.

The Vagabond has been awarded the Econav seal of quality and is designated as a “ship of national interest”. It has been fitted out to reduce the environmental impact of each expedition as much as possible, both when sailing and wintering. From 2011 to 2017, the Vagabond did alternate sailing and wintering for scientific assignments with shooting films in Greenland and the Canadian territory of Nunavut.

Since 2000, Vagabond has hosted more than 40 scientific programs, did 11 overwinterings, and traveled 60,000 miles in the Arctic. During a new mission that takes them far from the Arctic, the polar sailboat Vagabond is waiting on land in Miquelon (French Island close to Canada).

Aurore (7 years old), Léonie (10 years old), France and Eric are now in Ambato, in Ecuador, to collaborate with seismic and volcanic risks prevention. A mission organized by La Guilde, Ecuasol and the European Union, from August 1st, 2017 to December 31st, 2018.

Ambato is a very well organized city regarding risk prevention. France and Eric are now working together with the Risk Management Unit of Ambato municipality, the National Risk Management Office, and the local First Response Volunteers Group.