Anunciación : EU AID VOLUNTEER

Anunciación, 30 years old, Spanish
From Atlantic coast to Pacific coast

Hello! My name is Anun and since August of last year I have changed my horizon from the Atlantic coast in Cádiz to one of the manaba’s Pacific of Ecuador. That is why, when I am asked if I have been “taught to live in Pedernales”, I always answer that, changing from beach to beach, the distance seems shorter.

At the same time that I started to study civil engineering in Granada, I dedicated myself to collaborating in non-profit organizations that worked in this field. My first “on-the-ground” experience was almost a decade ago, when the Dominican Republic offered me another vital rhythm and Latin America mesmerize me.

After spending too many hours in front of a computer giving it orders of stale calculations and attending theoretical classes where equations were deciphered as if they were Chinese phrases, I decided that my path in engineering should go to the social level. I was not going to leave the calculations forever, although I did reduce them from the absurd, but make them with sense, and if that sense is given by a community that lacks a minimum service, it seemed to me that my knowledge was going to have a better purpose.

Therefore, applying to the European program of EU Aid Volunteers seemed like a good step to start a path towards what I call and I want to be my social engineering.

Now I live in Ecuador, in a city that after April 2016 became more named, more visited by foreign aid and which still covers a dust blanket from which it is gradually detaching. Pedernales and its pedernalinos inhabitants give war some days but much more heat, and not only for this sun more scorching here, many others.