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April 2018

Marta deployed in ecuador

Marta: EU AID VOLUNTEER Marta, 35 years old, Spanish From art to aid Mar Lopez was born in 1981 in the Northwest of Spain. As a kid, she was a kind of Lisa Simpson that wanted to be an environmental activist to save the whales in Greenpeace's boat as soon as she grew up. [...]

Ecuador: school workshop on risk management

school workshops on risk management In Ecuador, the training courses concerning the risk management dedicated to the students are seldom and it is complicated to access the public schools’ system with the volunteering status. I had the occasion to meet the municipal assistant of the little town of “Montalvo”, a man very invested [...]

Cristina deployed in ecuador

Cristina: EU AID VOLUNTEER Cristina, 26 years old, Spanish I wouldn´t imagine myself doing anything else My name is Cristina and I have been working in Cooperation for Development and Humanitarian Aid for the past 3 and a half years. And to be honest, I wouldn´t imagine myself doing anything else. I studied Marketing [...]