school workshops on risk management

In Ecuador, the training courses concerning the risk management dedicated to the students are seldom and it is complicated to access the public schools’ system with the volunteering status.

I had the occasion to meet the municipal assistant of the little town of “Montalvo”, a man very invested in his community. One thing leading to another, I met the school Director and organised two days of training workshop for 150 students, from grade 5 to grade 10.

We did 6 workshops and we collected 150 children’s drawings. I have to say that, at the end of each workshop, I gave them the mission to make a nice draw also for their family, with their house, any surrounding dangers and a good and safe place, where to find a shelter. To conclude, they write a positive message concerning the risk management, such as: more prepared, more secure”, “better to live prevented than to die without preventing!”, “better to prepared, rather than to cry”, “more prepared, more protected”… It was the first experience with an external contributor in this school. It has been a great experience and I hope it’s the first one of many others.

Get to know the security measures in case of volcanic eruption

The Red Cross is really efficient and well known around Ambato. In order to show them my methodology about artistic workshops in RRD, I went with their “Gestion de Riesgos” leader in the little community “Emilio Maria Peran” located in the middle of the mountains.

During 2 hours, with 18 children from grade 10, we explored the risks management concepts, the ways for being safe in case of volcanic eruption or earthquake. We also spoke about the tools for the situation and we did some didactic games to strengthen their knowledge. At the end of the workshop, they draw their own contingency map with a nice message! Since this workshop, they asked me to train other students of the school.