Marta, 35 years old, Spanish

From art to aid

Mar Lopez was born in 1981 in the Northwest of Spain. As a kid, she was a kind of Lisa Simpson that wanted to be an environmental activist to save the whales in Greenpeace’s boat as soon as she grew up.

Later, teenager years happened, and the idea of saving the world went to a secondary plane. She studied Artistic Photography and Graphic Design in the Arts School and an MBA in Branding and Packaging Design. As an Art Director, she has worked in communication campaigns for big NGO’s as Save the Children or Doctors of the World as well as other clients from different fields.

After years of volunteering sporadically in different areas, in early 2016 she decided to spend some free weeks as a humanitarian aid volunteer in the shores of Lesvos, Greece. But nothing was ever the same after it. She got deeply involved in this humanitarian crisis, devoting a big part of her time to fill the gaps in a system where the aid agencies were slowly and in many cases, also ineffective.

Art Therapy projects for kids

As an independent volunteer in Greece, she has developed and coordinated logistic systems for aid distribution and a dental care service; created an Art Therapy projects for kids and a Women’s Space that provides psychosocial support to refugee women; among other activities.

After two years halving her time between Barcelona and Athens, where she was developing her volunteer work with refugees, she decided to join Ecuasol team and move to Ecuador.

Disaster risk reduction in Ecuador

Climate change and natural disasters are making more refugees and internally displaced people than any war in the History. Being involved in a DDR program is a key element to prevent more than 21,6 millions of forced displacements per year.