Two new activities with a cultural dimension

                                                       Ariane Fontaine, Quito, 2018


Ecuasol and CinéCyclo ( have created a long-term partnership and our Ambato team – Eric and France – will participate directly in the project by cycling around the country and organizing movie nights for one or two months while Alejandra and I will work on the administrative part directly from Quito. As a matter of fact I am helping Lucille and Vincent with the Ecuadorian movies selection, with the support of Edoc association. This organization manages a lot of documentary resources and is helping us with the movie selection. I also participate in the selection of communities where Lucille and Vincent will stay for a day or two while they show the movies.

Movie nights with a bicycle

We organized a first projection without the bike with the children of Ecuasol and we can say it has been a success. The children seem to have liked a lot the movies presented!
What I like about CinéCyclo is the mix between the sports challenge, the cultural project and the social part while creating a sustainable local project. I think I can learn a lot and that it fits my current values and desires. We want to create partnerships with Ecuadorian companies and associations in order to make sure that CinéCyclo project will maintain itself after Lucille and Vincent’s departure, thanks to local people who would be willing to take over and to keep the project going.
Therefore, I am looking for movies linked to natural hazards management to present them during CinéCyclo tour that will start this November until April or May 2019. It is a really nice project and there is quite a lot of work to do before it starts!

Photo exhibition to show our work as volunteers.

Last month we organized a photo exposition for our project, in order to give more visibility. Even though I did not organize this event I could participate and I helped during the night of the exposition. This has been the opportunity to present the project to the public and to explain the aim of our actions to them. I have been truly happy to see that the word-of-mouth worked quite well and that several people who had never heard of Ecuasol came and supported us.

The photos of the exposition, taken by two photographers who came as volunteers experts for three months stayed exposed for a few weeks in the place where the event took place. I really enjoyed participating in this event that enabled us communicating about our project and meeting new people. Working in finance and logistics I have few occasions to meet the beneficiaries of our project and to present what we do. Therefore it has been for me a great opportunity to get out of my daily routine.