Julián, 27 years old, Mexican

A franco-mexican in Ecuador

My name is Julián Rojo, and I am an EU Aid Volunteer, currently deployed in Ecuador, working in community awareness regarding disaster risk reduction. I was born in Mexico in 1991, in a family composed of spanish and french immigrants, which allowed me to have close links to both Latin America, and Europe.

Huge interest in humanitarian aid and international cooperation

I developed a huge interest in humanitarian aid, international cooperation, and development while studying a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations. I’ve had the opportunity to work as an intern in a human rights NGO in the Dominican Republic, as an intern in the Mexican Consulate in Barcelona, and as a research assistant in Carleton University, in Ottawa.

My first formal job was in the mexican government, and even though it was a great experience, it soon became clear that I longed for fieldwork focused in humanitarian aid. The EU Aid Volunteers programme has been an excellent opportunity to learn, to experience new things, and to be able to apply my capacities on projects that I am passionate about.

What comes next?

My future plans consist of studying a master’s degree, and continue to work  in the humanitarian field, but from a public policy perspective. I consider my 18 months experience in Ecuador as a great asset for my professional future. Not only have I learnt a lot, but I have been able to meet incredible people, resulting in a full enjoyment of the volunteer life.

It an experience that i highly recommend.