Carmen, 33 years old, Spanish

From the southern Andes

Hi! My name is Carmen, I was born in Galicia several years ago and live in Ecuador since August 2017. I have a bachelor degree in Psychology and a master degree in Latin American, Portuguese and Iberian Cultural Studies. I love travelling and learning languages and have spent most of my professional life away from my native country.

The European Voluntary Service allowed me to travel

London was my adoptive home for six years where I worked as a Spanish teacher while studying at university. However, it was Moldova the place that made me change the way I look at the world. I got there because of an European Volunteer Service that helped stray cats and dogs.

Because of this experience, I decided to focus my professional career in the international cooperation and humanitarian aid. I am now in Cuenca, Ecuador, as a member of the EU Aid Volunteers team that work on raising awareness on communities through prevention and information about natural disasters and risk management.

Rich exchanges with the communities

Since I have been in Cuenca, I have had the chance of being in close contact with the local communities of rural areas, both indigenous and/or farmers. This, together with the inspiring landscapes, makes me feel the special vibe of the place and appreciate the value of the Andean cosmology and philosophy.

I am sure this experience will be useful for my future and will help me seeing diversity as a treasure that must be preserved.