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September 2018

Carmen deployed in ecuador

Carmen: EU AID VOLUNTEER Carmen, 33 years old, Spanish From the southern Andes Hi! My name is Carmen, I was born in Galicia several years ago and live in Ecuador since August 2017. I have a bachelor degree in Psychology and a master degree in Latin American, Portuguese and Iberian Cultural Studies. I love travelling and learning [...]

Julián deployed in Ecuador

Julián: EU AID VOLUNTEER Julián, 27 years old, Mexican A franco-mexican in Ecuador My name is Julián Rojo, and I am an EU Aid Volunteer, currently deployed in Ecuador, working in community awareness regarding disaster risk reduction. I was born in Mexico in 1991, in a family composed of spanish and french immigrants, which [...]

April 2018

Marta deployed in ecuador

Marta: EU AID VOLUNTEER Marta, 35 years old, Spanish From art to aid Mar Lopez was born in 1981 in the Northwest of Spain. As a kid, she was a kind of Lisa Simpson that wanted to be an environmental activist to save the whales in Greenpeace's boat as soon as she grew up. [...]

Cristina deployed in ecuador

Cristina: EU AID VOLUNTEER Cristina, 26 years old, Spanish I wouldn´t imagine myself doing anything else My name is Cristina and I have been working in Cooperation for Development and Humanitarian Aid for the past 3 and a half years. And to be honest, I wouldn´t imagine myself doing anything else. I studied Marketing [...]

March 2018

Anunciación : deployed in ecuador

Anunciación : EU AID VOLUNTEER Anunciación, 30 years old, Spanish From Atlantic coast to Pacific coast Hello! My name is Anun and since August of last year I have changed my horizon from the Atlantic coast in Cádiz to one of the manaba’s Pacific of Ecuador. That is why, when I am asked if [...]

January 2018

Eric deployed in ecuador

Eric: EU AID VOLUNTEER Eric, 48 years old, French As her wife France, he stopped in solid ground Éric Brossier is the instigator and person in charge of the Vagabond’s expeditions. After graduating from Grenoble University, he went on a scientific project to winter in Kerguelen in 1994, where he got the idea of [...]

France deployed in ecuador

France: EU AID VOLUNTEER France, 47 years old, French Our adventure in Ecuador Somme people ask us why we decided to unfreeze at the antioodes of our usual life. Indeed, the warmth, the vegetal exuberance of Amazonia, at about one hour from the city of Ambato where we live, the altitud of the Andes, [...]

Raphaël deployed in ecuador

Raphaël: EU AID VOLUNTEER Raphaël, 28 years old, French Back in Ecuador for a new adventure Going back to a country you loved is a very nice feeling. Going back to set up a new project on a very interesting theme is also a good perspective. I did not hank a lot before taking [...]

Simon deployed in ecuador

Simon : EU AID VOLUNTEER Simon, 23 years old, French Get to know Simon Quesseveur From France to Portoviejo. My name is Simon, I am from the city of Rouen, in Normandy but I studied Political Sciences in Toulouse. I remember being in middle school when Hurricane Katrina happened. I investigate a lot for [...]

Rafa deployed in ecuador

Rafa : EU AID VOLUNTEER Rafa, 39 years old, Spanish Lost and Found in translation. “Don't say I didn't warn you about it, you are a man in progress.” Once upon a time there was a man who decided to leave everything and start over. He did not quite know where to start, so [...]