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January 2018

Seline deployed in ecuador

Seline : EU AID VOLUNTEER Seline, 27 years old, Deutsch From Holland With Love Reducing the risk of disasters in Ecuador 16th of April 2016, 18:57 hours. The people living at the coast of Ecuadorian are mostly finishing up their day, cooking for their families or watching some television. When suddenly the earth starts [...]

Lorenzo deployed in ecuador

Lorenzo : EU AID VOLUNTEER Lorenzo, 23 years old, Italian From Monte-Carlo to Portoviejo EU Aid Volunteers as an opportunity to break up the day while helping people in need. I’m 23 years old and this is the first international humanitarian experience for me! The history that has brought me in Ecuador has been [...]

Flora deployed in ecuador

Flora : EU AID VOLUNTEER Flora, 28 years old, French My name is Flora, I’m from France and I’m now living in Pedernales, province of Manabi, Ecuador. I work as an EUAV in this particular project for many reasons. First of all because I am willing to participate in helping the preparedness of the people towards [...]

December 2017

Ecuador : make accessible to Ecuadorian authorities and to the population in general, the scientific information

a new collaboration with the Ecuadorian Instituto Geofísico   Since November of 2017, Quito’s team started a new collaboration with the Ecuadorian Instituto Geofísico. It consists on translating into Spanish and synthetizing scientific papers published in English on renowned international scientific publications by personal and collaborators of Instituto Geofísico. The aim of this activity [...]

August 2017

ECUADOR – raphaël, Community Awareness volunteer

INTERVENING WITH THE COMMUNITIES My name is Raphael P. My « EU Aid Volunteers » placement led me to work on different, various and interesting topics. I learn a lot but also often face some challenges. As Community Awareness volunteer, I spend much time understanding the functioning of the Ecuadorian communities, especially in the Pichincha region [...]

RITA deployed in ecuador

rita : EU AID VOLUNTEERS Rita, 39 years old, Portuguese Studies : Geophysics in Anthropology My name is Rita and I am Portuguese. I am a geophysicist and a social anthropologist. During the last 12 years I have been researching natural hazards and disasters. I have done that from both the engineering and the [...]

July 2017

MANUEL deployed in haïti

MANUEL : EU AID VOLUNTEER Manuel, 28 years old, Italian Manuel was sent to Haiti within the organization, Mouvement Paysan Papaye. "My name is Manuel, I'm 28 years old and I work as a Resilience Building Volunteer in Haiti. I enrolled in the EU Aid Volunteers initiative because it is a very enriching programme, [...]

DAY OF EUROPE, a complete cultural program

CELEBRATED EUROPEAN DAY IN ECUADOR May is a very special month for the European Union, it is the month during which we celebrate Europe Day. In Ecuador, the delegation of the European Union, in partnership with the Member States, has decided to celebrate this birthday with a dense cultural programme. A large number of [...]

June 2017

Ecuador – disseminating scientific knowledge on disaster risk reduction

Meeting with local actors Since December 2016, an EU Aid Volunteers team has been deployed to Ecuador to develop a seismic and volcanic risk reduction project. These last two months have been very busy for the volunteers who have participated to several events and meetings with local actors working on the risk reduction [...]

ALEJANDRA deployed in ecuador

ALEJANDRA : EU AID VOLUNTEER Alejandra, 27 years old, Spanish Polyglot, love travel, adventure and extreme sports Studies : A bachelor in advertising and public relations and in Journalism and a master in cooperation and humanitarian aid Alejandra is part of the first wave of EU Aid Volunteers. Its mission: to give visibility to the [...]