The EU Aid Volunteers initiative is open to EU citizens and long-term residents of EU Member States from a wide range of backgrounds and with different experiences, from young to experienced professionals. The selection of EU Aid Volunteers is driven by the humanitarian needs at the time of recruitment and is guided by equal opportunities and non-discrimination principles. Volunteers must be aged 18 and above.

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La Guilde has no offers at the moment.

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La Guilde and the Ecuasol Foundation are collaborating on the deployment of 20 EU Aid Volunteers, 15 with a junior and 5 with a senior profile. Together, they work on a prevention and resilience project tackling seismic and volcanic risks in Ecuador.


No offers on this project.


No offers on this project.

Do you have what it takes to be a EU Aid Volunteer?

There is not a unique profile! Each assignment has specific competency requirements. Generally, there are two main volunteer profiles within the EU Aid Volunteers initiative:

  • Junior professionals (Less than 5 years of work experience)
  • Senior professionals (More than 5 years of work experience)

Each assignment specifies whether the needed volunteer is a senior or a junior professional. Some EU Aid Volunteers will have specialist knowledge relevant in the context of humanitarian aid, such as:

  • logistics and transport
  • organisational development and capacity building
  • water and sanitation, protection and shelter
  • nutrition and health
  • disaster data and knowledge
  • medical and paramedical services

Do you meet the required qualifications and are you willing to volunteer your time and skills? You are EU Aid Volunteers material!

Do I need previous volunteering experience?

The required profile for each volunteering placement depends on the humanitarian needs of the hosting organisation and the context of deployment. You do not necessarily need previous volunteering experience. However, please refer to the competence profile of the vacancy you are interested in, in order to understand whether your profile is adequate for the position.

Do I need previous experience in humanitarian settings?

You can apply if your profile matches the required competences. As a junior professional, you may be required to first spend up to six months in a European organisation (apprenticeship placement) in order to familiarise yourself with the humanitarian nature of your project.

You think you are fit to become a EU Aid Volunteer? Great! It’s time to apply.

La Guilde works on EU Aid Volunteers deployment projects. Our vacancies are published on this website, La Guilde’s main website or on the EU Aid Volunteers platform. Once you have spotted the mission you are interested in, you can apply directly through our website.

To apply, please complete the application package and send it back to the specified email address. Shortlisted candidates are contacted for an interview. If successful, they attend a special training before being deployed to the field.

The first wave of vacancies is over! 

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Every deployment is built on a prior needs assessment of the specific context. The volunteers work on different types of assignments based on that previous analysis, depending on their competency profile and experience. The activities performed by the EU Aid Volunteers will be in fields such as organisational development and capacity-building, project management, disaster risk management support, food and nutrition, water and sanitation, etc.

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The missions take place in disaster-affected countries. The volunteers will be assigned to a certified hosting organisation which is part of the EU Aid Volunteers initiative. The complete list of the sending and hosting organisations can be found on the EU Aid Volunteers platform.

La Guilde is currently deploying volunteers to Ecuador. 

For how long will I be deployed?

The length of deployment depends on the specific project on which the volunteer works. Missions range from one month to over one year.

Will I be paid?

The programme covers your expenses during deployment, including travel costs, insurance, and accommodation. In addition, EU Aid Volunteers receive a monthly subsistence allowance that covers everyday expenses such as food, local transport, and other expenses. The actual amounts depend on the country of deployment.

Will I be trained? 

Adequate training is an essential part of the EU Aid Volunteers initiative. All EU Aid Volunteers participate in a centrally-organised training programme where their readiness for deployment is assessed. It is composed of an online 30-hour training and a 10-day in presence training in Europe.

The training sessions contain modules such as:

  • Introduction to the European Union, its external relations and crisis response system;
  • Introduction to humanitarian action, the European Union’s humanitarian aid policy and the EU Aid Volunteers initiative;
  • Managing personal safety, health and security;
  • Project management;
  • Inter-cultural awareness and scenario-based exercises;
  • Many other optional modules…

The volunteers also receive a pre-departure training by the Sending organisation and an induction training by the Hosting organisation on arrival.

Online volunteering

You want to be part of the EU Aid Volunteers adventure but you cannot leave your country? You can still help!

The EU Aid Volunteers initiative offers the chance to support remotely local organisations and volunteers on the field, through online volunteering. The tasks can for example be translation, research or design. The online volunteers receive at the end of their placement a certificate of completion.

As for the vacancies on the field, online volunteering vacancies are published on the EU Aid Volunteers platform, on which you can apply directly.