The EU Aid Volunteers Initiative is a project funded by the European Commission. His framework is based on european sending organisations who specialize in sending volunteers on missions outside the European Union.Hosting organisations will receive the volunteers and are responsible for the induction phase, designating mentors and ensuring the provision of adequate accommodation and working conditions throughout.


In order to host EU Aid Volunteers, each organisation must:

  • adhere to the standards and procedures of the EU Aid Volunteers initiative and be certified by the European Commission (more information on the certification below).
  • be active in the field of humanitarian aid.
  • belong to any of the following categories:
    • non-governmental not-for-profit organisations operating or established in a third country under the laws in force in that country;
    • public law bodies of a civilian character governed by the law of a third country;
    • international agencies and organisations.

EU Aid Volunteers’ purpose is to support and reinforce hosting organizations’ activities:

EU Aid Volunteers are qualified individuals of both junior and senior profiles. They offer skills and/or expertise in various areas such as:  

  • project management
  • building local community resilience
  • managing natural disasters consequences (for example: draught, flood, seism, volcanic eruptions…)

Recruited volunteers will form teams working in hosting organizations based in disaster affected countries. There, they will reinforce their hosting structures’ capacity to prevent and manage risks linked to natural disasters and improve the resilience of local community in case of disaster…


You are an organisation based in disaster affected countries and you are interested in hosting EU Aid Volunteers ?

Every hosting organisation must obtain the EU Aid Volunteers certification before setting up projects and hosting EU Aid Volunteers to help them reinforce their capacities on the field.

The EU Aid Volunteers initiative is a highly qualitative project funded and coordinated by the European Commission. To achieve its objective, the Commission set up a number of standards for hosting agencies to achieve in terms of volunteer management.

You are interested in hosting EU Aid Volunteers? This page will give you an overview of the benefits and requirements for your organisation to be certified. The details concerning the certification requirements cana also be found on the European Commission website.

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Discover the “Volunteering in Humanitarian Aid” project, a consortium of organisation based in disaster affected countries willing to get certified ! Together, they implement self-assessment activities, share good practices and procedures in order to improve their volunteer management system.

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